The beginning ...

Welcome to my blog!!! My name is Alex(andra) and the quest for the blog is based on my lack of knowledge when buying my husband a present. What do MEN want, really? 
Do you know this feeling, where you buy your partner, father or brother a present and they are too honest to tell you it is not their taste or they tell you they like it but you'll never seem them wearing it????

Well, take a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy the ride!

'Knot Wrap' will share with you all the information you need to know to make your life just that little bit more interesting. A girls' blog is usually written by a girl and a guy's blog by a guy. But how about a woman writing about men's fashion, articles which mainly interest guys but at the same time will offer inspiration and understanding to every girl on this planet about their fashion, their interest and even their interior style!!!
This blog will vary from mainstream to extreme trends. Let us discover together 'how different men really are' or perhaps 'How similar they are to woman'?!?
Follow me on my interesting research trip and discover together with me the true answer(s).

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